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What is TheBoostify?

TheBoostify is a website that has many types of services related to boosting that only affects a specific game called “League of Legends”.

Where and how can I review my booster and my service?

You can always look up for our reviews on our “Reviews” Tab or if you prefer you can visit our TrustPilot page as well and check the more than 400 reviews that we have! To leave us a review you can write one on our TrustPilot page or wait for an email from us, once your boost is finished, that will be asking you for a review.

Should I sign up for the newsletter?

Through the newsletter you will be informed of all our promotions and updates so you don't lose any information from us and can get our best promotions always in time, so we totally recommend you to sign up and be part of the family!


What type of services does the TheBoostify offer? (win boosting/ placements here)

TheBoostify offers you many services so you can select which one is better for your case. Here is all the services that TheBoostify offers you: Division boosting service, Win boosting, Placement Matches service and Normal Matches service.
All these services can be purchased as solo service or duo service which means you can purchase solo division boosting or duo division boosting, same for all the rest of the services above.
Be aware that if you get less than 13LP in any service, we have the right to convert your boosting service into a win boosting.

What happens if my booster demotes me on a division boost?

Don't worry, in a division boost, the booster is obligated to get you to the rank you were initially were and get you to the rank you desired.

I want a booster to do my placements, how many games will he win?

Our boosters will always provide you 70% win rate guaranteed if you purchase the 10 games pack!
In case he provides you a lower win rate, he is obligated to provide you an extra division for free as a compensation. In case you purchase 5 games or less, the booster needs to compensate you with the same amount of loses he had as win boosting games.

I bought a win boosting service and my booster lost a game, what does it means?

If you purchased for example 5 wins, any loss will be counted as +1 of this amount. So buying 5 wins and the booster loses 1 will change your order from 5 wins to 6 wins left.
This rule has a few exceptions such as:
- Losing a game in promos doesn't count as +1 only if he loses the promos.
- Losing a game on 0LP doesn't count as +1 only if he demotes.

Can I purchase without creating an account?

You can always purchase without creating an account and that is called purchasing as guest. But don't worry that even buying as guest, we will create you an account and send you the credentials via e-mail so you can check your service and talk with your booster.

Can I customize my service? How much will it cost?

You can always customize the summoner spell, champion pool or roles and the bets is that it doesn't cost you anything since it is free!

How can I check my service?

You can take a look on our “Demo” Tab to see how your dashboard will be. By creating an account or logging on the guest account you will have access to your service information and more features like talking with your booster, pausing your service and updating your credentials too.

Am I able to ask for a refund?

We have a refund policy on our Terms of Services, please check it out here.

I liked my booster a lot, how can I tip him?

To tip your booster it's simple. All you need to do is go to his profile on our “Boosters” Tab and select how much you want to tip, pay and that's it!


How can I pay for my service?

TheBoostify allows you to pay for your services with Paysafecard*, G2A , Skrill and many others depending on your country.
*Paysafecard isn't available in Germany due to a local regulations.

I want to pay with Paypal, how can I do it?

To pay with PayPal you need to select the option to pay via G2A and there you will find your Paypal payment option!

I want to pay with Paysafecard, how can I do it?

The paysafecard option is right next to the Skrill and G2A ones so you can just select it from the 3 initial options.